I am sure you all know by now that I’m celebrating the 25th anniversary of my first professional band gig. To mark this milestone Nugene Records is releasing a 38-track retrospective collection of my songs as a 3-CD boxed set together with a 72-page illustrated book of lyrics. The recordings are drawn from my ten albums on the Nugene label. The book is a unique piece and contains the lyrics of all 38 songs plus a foreword by respected blues writer, Tony Russell, who contributes to MOJO and Classic Rock and also compiled The mighty Penguin Book of Blues Recordings. This boxed set is a strictly limited edition of just 1,000.

You can pre-order now on the Nugene web site for shipping on the official release date of November 21. Alternatively you can come to one of my anniversary tour shows in Holland or the UK and pick up a copy before the release date. We are expecting a lot of demand so there is a limit of one per order.

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For my anniversary tour I will be playing a repertoire exclusively of my own songs (the boys are busy learning songs they have never played before!). The tour starts 23 September in Austria then moves to Holland in October and on to the UK in November. To see the show dates & locations click here.